ElasticSearch in my sf3 project

Elasticsearch is a very powerful search engine. it is very robust, very quickly and have many functions. So it is indispensable in the web project. here is my example of integration. Step 1. install elasticSearch-php

Step 2. indexing the mysql data table with symfony command line

Step 3. search a keyword and show…

Update to symfony 3

Symfony 3 has little different than symfony 2 code. So to update from the symfony 2 code. i note these following changes: Controller sf 2.7

sf 3.1

Form Type sf 2.7

sf 3.1

sf 2.7

sf 3.1

Router yml partern => path Container service “security.context” sf 2.7


One example of Rabbitmq in my symfony 3 project

RabbitMQ is a system for managing queues of messages to allow different customers to communicate very simply, I use it for optimise the images uploaded by user, get informations from the video uploaded. lancer spark marchine learning to get the suggestion information for user, detect the spam comments, etc Step 1. installation

Step 2.…


A CRUD test with Behat for backoffice

Behat is a behavior testing tool, which allows to write tests in a comprehensible language, and especially allows actions through the browser, like a real user. It is magic, and much simple than other test, and no code to write. Step 1. Install behat bundles Use composer to install behat bundles

Step 2. behat.yml…

The web technologies that are mostly used in my project

In my web application symfony 3. I often use the following technologies: WebSocket: for the real time information and content update ElasticSearch: for user search Redis: for mysql request cache Rabbitmq: for posterior application worker Nginx: Replacer Apache 2 Spark/python/hadoop: for user data analyser with machine learning algorithm Docker: for the development environement Mysql: my…

A good hadoop spark docker compose yml file

After search and trying, today i find a good and work hadoop spark docker compose yml 🙂 Clone the project

To start an HDFS/Spark Workbench:

To scale up spark-workers:



Hue webUI: http://dockerhost:8088/home Hadoop webUI: http://dockerhost:50070 Spark notebook webUI: http://dockerhost:9000 Spark webUI: http://dockerhost:8080 To stop containers

Docker cheat sheet

Just another docker cheat sheet Containers docker create #creates a container but does not start it. docker rename #allows the container to be renamed. docker run #creates and starts a container in one operation. ­­rm remove container automatically after it exits ­it connect the container to terminal ­p 5000:80 expose port 5000 externally and map…